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Who is TIC?



What would you do if your phones stopped ringing, your emails went missing, you couldn’t pay your staff or your clients went to your competitor?

You’d panic. 

This is where Telco Independent Consulting comes in. TIC can help by finding the best telco service for YOUR business with 100 per cent independent advice on telecommunication products and services, contract clauses, fault restoration times, multi-carrier benefits, loss of revenue from no connectivity and more. 

Our insiders can help mitigate telco risks for YOUR business.

Servicing all suburbs of Melbourne, Bryan has more than 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry. 

Consider TIC your personal telco navigator, negotiating a better deal for your business and helping you understand complicated bills, hidden fees, long lock-in contracts, complex pricing and industry jargon.

Before setting up your business communications, save time and money.

Get independent advice that Telco providers don’t want to tell you!

Or if talk of the NBN has you stumped, give TIC a call for a comprehensive understanding of what it all means without all the conflicting information for YOUR business. 

There are over 100 NBN providers to chose from, and we know which ones offer the least congestion, and which ones use Australian call centres.

What qualifications and knowledge do I have?



Bryan has more than 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry. 

He holds a Diploma of Engineering (Electronics) and continues to seek more knowledge, recently completing a Cert IV in New Business Management. 

Bryan moved through various roles within Telstra, culminating with complete ownership of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games contract, a business with a non-movable project time line.

Bryan has held various senior roles with Tier 1 and small Telecommunications providers, and most recently he was the national sales manager for a niche IT Managed Service provider delivering solutions to Government, Universities, Betting Agencies, Major Event and Financial Institutions.

100% Independent



Telco Independent Consulting in Melbourne will advise YOUR business with independent information and explain what the telecommunications in Melbourne providers don’t want to tell you.

No telco provider will influence the TIC recommendations.

TIC will recommend a solution that fits your business strategic plan, so YOUR business can be more successful.

TIC adds value to a small or medium business; we ask strategic questions, where is your strategy for telco, what are your target markets, how do you reach your target markets, and then provide recommendations that meet your strategic plan.

TIC will tailor the recommendations for your business, and will not accept any trailing  commission.

It's not a race to the bottom, TIC does not guarantee to save you money, however your business will benefit from reduced risk!

What We Do.

What does TIC do?



TIC provides 100% independent advice on telecommunication products & services to small and medium businesses with an emphasis on business risk mitigation, within all suburbs of Melbourne.


We don't guarantee to save you money, we do work with you to reduce your business risk from inferior contracts, products and services.

More than 100 NBN providers are available, TIC will source the best one for YOUR business.

More than 250 providers can deliver business grade telecommunication solutions (non NBN), TIC will source the best one for YOUR business.

TIC will remove the time and effort of finding the best provider from your day, so you can concentrate on your core business. 

TIC will provide a combination of the following;



· Telco Health Check – what have you got and is it working?


· Telco Workshop – who are your providers, what are your improvement abilities that they are not telling you?


· Telco Analysis and Report – What are your business risks including contract clauses, fault restoration times, multi carrier benefits, loss of revenue from no connectivity, and more.


· Telco “sounding board” – TIC can be your “business associate” to help negotiate a better deal for YOU not for the telco sales guy

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