Telecommunication Glossary in Melbourne


Following is a short list of acronyms commonly used in the Australian telecommunications industry

Telco Independent Consulting in Melbourne has created a Telecommunication glossary in Melbourne for your bed time reading.  

ACA – Australian Communications Authority

ACD – Average Call Duration 

ACIF – Australian Communications Industry Forum

ACMA – Australian Communications and Media Authority

ATA – Analogue Terminal Adapter

AIS – Alarm Indication Signal

CBL – Control Blocked

CLI – Caller Line Identity

CND – Calling Number Display

COB – Close of Business

CPE – Customer Premise Equipment

CSG – Customer Service Guarantee

CT – Communications Technician (Telstra Tech)

DID – Direct Inward Dial

DLU – Digital Line Unit

DSL – Digital Subscriber Line 

EBD – Exchange Based Diversion

ECF – Enhanced Callhandling Feature

ETR – Estimated Time of Resolution

F2M – Fixed to Mobile

FNN – Full National Number

FR – Frame Relay

GDN – Group Directory Number

GMT – Greenwich Mean Time

HFC – Hybrid Fiber Co-axial

IDF – Intermediate Distribution Frame

INMS – Industry Number Management Services

IP – Internet Protocol

ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network

ISP – Internet Service Provider

IPND – Integrated Public Number Directory

ITFS – International Toll Free Service

IVR – Interactive Voice Response/Recording

LAN – Local Area Network

LCR – Least Cost Routing

LHG – Line Hunt Group

LMDS – Local Multipoint Distribution System

LNP – Local Number Portability

LOS – Loss of Signal (or line of sight, with regard to wireless links)

MBL – Manually Blocked

MDF – Main Distribution Frame

NBP – Network Boundry Point

NOC – Network Operations Centre 

NT1 – Network Terminating Unit

NTD – Network Terminating Device

NTU – Network Terminating Unit

OATS – Telstra's diagnostic test, also known as RVOP

P2P – Peer to Peer

PABX – Private Automatic Branch Exchange

PGS – Pair Gain Systems

POI – Point of Interconnect

POP – Point Of Presence

POTS – Plain Old Telephone System

PRA – Primary Rate Access

PRI – Primary Rate Interface

PSTN – Public Switched Telephone Network

PVC – Permanent Virtual Circuit

QOS – Quality of Service

RIM – Remote Integrated Multiplexer

RVA – Recorded Voice Announcement

RVOP – Telstra's diagnostic test, also called OATS

SDH – Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

SHDSL – Symmetrical Heirarchy Digital Subscriber Line

SLA – Service Level Agreement

ULL – Unconditioned or Unbundled Local Loop

TDR – Time Domain Reflectometer

TIO – Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

USO – Universal Service Obligation

UTC – Universal Time Co-ordinated

VLAN – Virtual Local Area Network

VMM – Voice Mail Message

VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol

VPN – Virtual Private Network

WAN – Wide Area Network